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Thank, I will send it back to adjust. Whatever you do will be great even if it flattens some. No priblem.
Received the repaired Thiers. There is no way anyone would see it unless they knew where to look. Even then it is barely noticeable. If I showed any friend they would not see it. Great job! Thanks!!
Also the Capuchadou is amazing! Turned out great. Wood handle looks amazing! Unique little knife. So glad to add this to my collection!
Many thanks!
Ryan (USA)


Bonjour Yann and Cecile,
I received my Capuchadou engraved knife today! I must say it was worth the wait and I am very happy with the quality and craftsmanship. This was my fourth purchase and just love your knives and corkscrews. A pleasant surprise was the better steel used in the blade. I received a 14C28N blade instead of the 12C27 - thank you!
I keep saying this is my last purchase but somehow, I don't think so. Best wishes and please thank the artist who made this knife.
Herb R. (USA)


Bonjour Yann
My Capuchadou arrived safely today and I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. It is an absolutely exquisite piece of craftsmanship and please pass my thanks and compliments on to Aymeric, who I understand was responsible for making it. Fantastic work, and I look forward to many, many years of use with my new knife. I already know that I will want to add another knife, perhaps a Laguoile XS, and I will be in touch once I have selected the right scales; although I know that L’ete will mean the manufactory will be closed for the rest of August so this in will take a little longer.
Once again my thanks to you and you team for creating a practical tool that is also a work of art.
Warm regards
Barry M. (England)


I just wanted to let you know I have received my 10cm capuchadou with Juniper handle. This is the third knife I have bought from yourselves. I have a laguiole and capuchadou both with corkscrew.
If ever, when the British weather permits, I am at a picnic or BBQ they always draw some comment about their style and quality of build.
Yann was very helpful when I changed my ordered and I sure at some point I will be drawn to purchase another knife.
Thank you.
Andrew (UK)



Bonjour Yesterday
i received my new "Capuchadou" I am impressed, it is a true work of art, and i can recommend it to anyone.
Kind regards
Henning Thye (Denmark)



Yes, I have received it. It's beautiful. Viva la France!

Blair S. (USA)



Hello everyone,
I just received my order and wanted to thank everyone. Both knives are absolutely beautiful and have a stunning quality of detail I have never seen before. Merci beaucoup pour tout! Vous êtes les meilleurs.

Peters Noel (Canada)



Dear Gilles, thank you for this wonderful work of art. I received the capuchadou knife and I can't help admiring its beauty. Thank you very much from Chile!!

Jaime. (Chile)



Dear Gilles, My Capuchadu-Guilloche 10cm Stag knife arrived yesterday. I must say that it has exceeded all expectations. As a retired Gunmaker I am able to appreciate the skills and craftsmanship used to manufacture this knife. The hand fitting and filework are excellent and the Stag used top quality. I love the design and the way it fits in my hand. It is a thing of beauty as well as being practical l intend to carry and use it everyday. One of the few handmade knives that meets UK knife laws. I am so happy with the knife I intend to order another.

Thanks Paul (UK)



Dear Gilles,

The knife arrived today. It's beautiful. I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday. Thank you!!!!!!

Jennifer (USA)




I already received the knife, what a surprise

Many thanks for the super service

Regards from Barcelona

Carles (Spain)



Hello - just received my knife, my second one from you. The knife is perfect - the fit and finish, the snap of the blade, the edge, the file work on the spring. I will proudly carry and use it!!! Thanks again for creating and crafting - real old world first class craftsmanship!! Matt from Pittsburgh, PA (USA)



I received my knife. The capuchadou is the pride of my collection. The workmanship is outstanding. Bravo to the artisans at Fontenille Pataud. Service and shipping are both excellent as well. Merci et a bientot

Pericles Tsatas (Canada)



I received my Capuchadou with Guilloche work and rose Damascus blade. Very beautiful, I love it! This is the second Capuchadou I have purchased but have many, many Fonteniille- Pataud knives and all are works of art. Thank you to the artisan of this knife.


Debbie Parker of California USA



I received my Capuchadou knife last with with a Damascus blade and horn tip handles. It is very beautiful. I really love the file work on it as well, very exceptional Guilloché work on it. Wow! Thank you for another beautiful knife.

Debbie from California, USA




My knife was delivered OK a few minutes ago.  Beautiful!  Thank you and your team.

Take care,




Delivered safely last Monday!

Very happy with the product.

Thanks to the artisan that made it.

All the best,

Jorge Savio (Belgium)



Wow!!  Had a nice surprise today: FedEx delivered a package from Thiers with not one but two Fontenille-Pataud Laguioles.  They're beautiful!.  I like the cow horn scales.  One knife will go itno my collection; the other is in the knife block in the kitchen and will be used to prepare supper tonight.  I'm thinking  about another, smaller laguiole as a pocket knife, but I hav to find some way of also carrying the tools on my swiss army knife: screwdrivers, can openers, etc. 

Colin Doane (USA)


Mes Capuchadou Fantastisch!Mooi afgewerkt! Tot nog eens.

Mady Van Ransbeeck uit Belgie


I received my shipment.  Excellent work, once again.  Thank you.

Gaines (USA)



Hi Gilles,

I thank you for your time and effort

The knife arrived yesterday, thank you for including the leather pouch. 


Brett (Australia)



Bonjour Gilles
The Capuchadou arrived today.
This is an absolutely stunning knife of amazing detail and quality.
Merci Yann for the quick delivery.
Je vous remercie
Andrew Beddoe



Thank you!
The knife has arrived to my home in Indonesia.
I really appreciate the craftmanship put into the details of this knife.
This is my first buy and I feel satisfied by the quality of this knife.
Best regards.

Rendy Pratama Putra (Indonesia)



Bonjour Gilles
I received the knife yesterday. My husband adores it. :)
Thank you very much!
Wish you all the best
Valya (Bulgaria)



Dear Gilles,

I received my new Knife today… it’s a lovely thing… Thank You. For the past 20 years I have used Modern Production Knives…  Benchmade, Smith & Wesson and Heckler & Koch. Although they are reliable and durable they have no intrinsic value.  

I am sure this knife, hand crafted in fine a tradition will soon become a cherished possession and the thought of slicing  and spreading camembert on my fresh baguette  whilst I picnic on the beach im Marseillan is something to look  forward to. 

With Kind regards

Bryan. (England)



Salut and good morning Gilles  

Always a nice surprise receiving a Fontenille Pataud parcel :-)) Again......what a beautifully made knife.

Loving the full handles and the clean and simple design.

And thank you again for the fantastic sheath

Marc (Australia)



Ordering a knife at Fontenille-Pataud is a great pleasure, service and products are both of high quality. Receiving the knife so soon was great, presenting it to my daughter's 16th birthday was a wonderful moment for all of us.
Thank you all!!

Andrea - The Netherlands



Thank your for your prompt and helpful service.  My husband is delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of his knife, and for someone who lives in Sheffield with all its history in the knife making industry he knows something about these things.


Carole Riley (England)


Dear Yann, the knife just arrived today. Great work of art and craftmanship! I appreciate it very much.
Have a good christmas time to you and all your firm and families.
Merci beaucoup
Chris (Germany)



Hello...just wanted to let you know that I received the knife for my sons Christmas present today
I am very impressed with your workmanship...adding his initials makes that final special touch..
Am sure Palmer will be equally impressed when he receives it Christmas morning , and will let you know
Merry Christmas to all...

Pat Jarvis (Canada)



I want to thank you for being so patient and cooperative for my many request. You are absolutely awesome. Your customer service is above reproach. You care about your customers wishes. You are an example for others to follow. If I had only one word to express my appreciation it would be. "Unbelievable". Thank you.

Raymond D McEntyre (USA)



Dear Gilles,
Thank you so much for the exquisitely crafted laguiole knife I received yesterday. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful objects I have ever owned -- as delightful to behold as a fine museum piece. Congratulations to your entire team for their skilled work.
Michael Capone



Salut Gilles
My first order with Fontenille Pataud......I'm happy I did so, the knife has arrived safely.  

I big thank you goes to you and all your staff ......exquisite French craftsmanship at its best. Your knives are beautifully made.

I have a feeling my brother will place an order soon ;-)

à bientôt I hope
Marc (Australia)




I just received my new knife and I'm floored at the quality. I sincerely look forward to enjoying my knife for simply the rest of my life.


Michael Rector (USA)



Kedves Beáta,

Tegnap kézbesítették,én most tudtam megnézni.

Nagyon szépek.

Örülök neki nagyon

Szép napot kívánok 

Gábor (Hungary)



The knife has arrived thank you both for your efforts Gilles it is a work of art thank you very much 

Kind Regards

Anthony Short (Australia)



Bonjour Monsieur Yann Delarboulas

The artwork is yet arrived today. It is wonderful. Please tell “Cutlery artist” it is done perfectly. Thank you for the great work. I hope that even a Laguiole will find its way to Munich / Ismaning :-)

You and all the people from Coutellerie Fontenille Pataud I wish all the best 

Gerhard Konwalinka (Germany)



Dear Gilles,

The knives arrives today and all look perfect! Your knives are beautiful pieces.
Thank you very much.
Greg Wade (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

the Knife arrived yesterday. It looks great!

Thank you very much for the perfect service.

With best regards

Alexander Schaal


I have received the beautiful knife I ordered. It was waiting for me when I returned from an extended trip.

Thank you very much,

Andy Chulack (USA)



I received my repaired knife today.  Not only does Fontenille Pataud stand by their guarantee, the repair of my knife exceeded my expections. Thank you for the prompt service.

Your craftsman are true artists.


Ralph E Lusi 



Hello Yann,
I recieved the Capuchadou mammoth damascus knives in good order.
They are both exceptional examples of craftsmanship and quality.
I could say a lot more about these knives but the above covers it all !
Kind greetings from Jef (Belgium)


Dear Gilles,
Thanks for that beautiful knife :). It arrived just in time, and so I could take it with me on my backpacking tour to switzerland


I received my knife this week. Te Capuchadou-Guilloche with ironwood is really beautiful and of a good craftmanship.

Thank you and Merci de Allemagne.



Hi Yann
thanks for another lovely knife, I'm so impressed by the consistancy of what you guys produce. I've just placed another order today- looking forward to my delivery already.
Merci- Paul


Hello Yann,

I recieved the Capuchadou molar mammoth damascus knife in good order.

My expectations about this knife were very high but they are completely fulfilled, even more than that ! The used materials as the finishing are simply superb, the overall beauty of the knife is truly stunning !

The opening and closing adjusting is  very accurate and smooth, a pleasure to use.

Above this it stays what a knife is meant for : a solid and reliable users tool !

Kind greetings,



Received my knifes and very pleased, thank you and will start my collection.....more to come...

Mike B.


Dear MM. Gilles and Yann,

I would advise that I have received the shipment of cutlery (ORDER REFERENCE XJYGVRKQN - PLACED ON 2015-02-26) in good order on Wednesday, 18th March. I was not disappointed. Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to have a hard time deciding which of the knives to use at any one time, be it the Le Capuchadou or the Laguoile Nature. The little Aurillac, on the other hand, has already replaced my Victorinox in my pocket as my "go-to" knife, and looks much better to boot! I also have to say that after handling the 9cm Aurillac, the Laguoile XS is looking more and more tempting...

My wife also sends her compliments on her 10cm Le Capuchadou and (the other) Aurillac. Being the first "artisan" knives that she has owned, I have this feeling that I might have started her on a new hobby. 

So, merci encore, and until next time!

Gerald Tan (Singapour)


Hi Yann,
France were a good side on Saturday, the final 15 minutes were very challanging, but we managed to hold on for the victory. In light of that i have decided to treat myself to another of your knives.
Its clear that i am very satified with my Capuchadou, that arrived only this morning. Many thanks for your continued attention and beautiful product.
merci & best regards from Ireland.


Bonjour Yann

The knife is beautiful!  I have shared your web site with some friends and I hope you will receive many more orders.  

Bonne année!  



Dear Gille!
I received my Capuchadou with mammoth handles a couple of days ago, and must say it's an outstanding masterpiece of a knife, much better than I expected. Very Thanks to you Gille, and the whole team! I have the odd feeling, it won't be the last knife I ordered from you!


Hey Gilles,

I received the knives yesterday and could not be more pleased. Beautiful work.

they are just what I wanted, and the selection of materials was perfect. Thank you very much for doing such a great job for me. I will no doubt be ordering another in the near future. Keep up the great work, and have a very merry Christmas.





I received the knife.I really love it, the craftsmanship is really stunning look much better than expected.

Denis ,Memphis


My Capuchadou was delivered yesterday.

The workmanship is exquisite and the graceful curve of the snakewood handle fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. It really is a beautiful knife of distinction and is a great companion to my Fontenille Pataud horn tip Laguiole Traditional.

Many thanks Gilles to you and your craftsmen.



Dear Gilles and team, The knife -Le Capuchadou-Guilloche, I ordered from you just arrived! It is beautiful
Thank you so much. I am looking forward to future orders from you, as I like your products very much.

Thank you again! Happy holidays, Michal. 


Dear all,
I just received the knive I ordered. It is even better than I had hoped for! 
Thank you very much
Ernst Kraaij


Dear Mr. Gilles,
I want to express my thanks for your attention to my recent knife order.
I am truly satisfied with the quality of your work. My compliments to your
entire team.
With best regards,
Bien Joson


Hello again,

Apologies for delayed feedback!

Thank you so much for the capuchadou, it is excellent, and gives me great pleasure each time I use it. Your craftmanship is excellent, and the belt pouch complements it beautifully. Again, many many thanks. 




Hello Yann,

I received my knife today it is BEAUTFUL .

The craftsmanship is superb thanks.



Bonjour Gilles.
I recieved my knife today,it is truely a work of art. It will be a family heirloom.many thanks to the brilliant artisans at fontenille-pataud.excellent service,highly recommended!. Again Merci Merci Merci!

Andrew Clutterbuck


Thank you Gilles - the two knife repairs have arrived and all is good. To
make sure I do something in return I shall order the knife mentioned a while
back from your website (Gentleman, Juniper scales).

Jerry Hoare


Hello sir. I just recive my knives now .i want to thank you sir for the (grand qualite )of your art .i hope recive a notification when you have a new product. Thanks a lot sir.

Khalid Alhayder


The knife has just arrived, and is perfect; beautifully made. My complements to you and your craftsmen!




Dear Gilles, 

I have just received two new capuchadou knives. One in iron wood en one in box wood with rose damast blade and engraved spring.

As all former knives, these are again of superb quality ! Really excellent ! Nobody can say otherwise !

Up to a next order and some other knives for my growing collection :-)

Many greetings from Antwerp, 



Dear Sir,
Thank you for the selection of knives that arrived last Monday. They are absolutely beautiful! I love the detail and the use of traditional, natural materials - completely different from mainstream knives. The workmanship is superb. They are beautifully proportioned, look magnificent and are very tactile. The juniper ones even smell great. They are all very different in character but all great examples of the knife-maker's art. I will definitely be buying again from you in the future.
Merci beaucoup,
Eric Chant


Dear Gilles,

I have just received today my two new capuchadou knives. They are very very nice, indeed. 

I always liked your Corsican knives very much, but I must admit: I shall have to buy more capuchadou knives in the future. They are really something special! Smile!

Many greetings from Antwerp, Belgium.



What a state of the art is this knife! 
The walnut wood is nice and has a nice deep dark colour. The decoration that is made on the metal is great. You can see that it is hand made with care and well quality materials. It is a very functional knife that will bring me a good use and hopefully luck when I am traveling and doing outdoor activities.




Bonjour Gilles,

Sorry for the delay with my response.  My entire family had been ill with the flu, and we are just now starting to come around and catch up on email.

The knife arrived 2 weeks ago.  I was so elated that it had finally come and could not wait to give it to my husband.  He was very surprised and happy to be the recipient of such a beautiful, but at the same time, very functional knife.  He has shown the knife to many of his friends and co-workers.  And all concur, that it is the most beautiful, well-made knife that they had ever seen.

Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that was put into making this knife!  

With gratitude and appreciation,

Linda Tolbert


I have another knife from Gilles and Fontenille Pataud. I now have three. This time a Capuchadou. Legal carry in the UK. So, three lifetime friends and all with that artisan hand made quality that you know you can assume from this company.
Not only lovely knives but lovely people. Gilles is always there to advise and it is like he takes a personal interest in every knife made and then steers it from the workshop to your door.



Dear Gilles,

I am pleased to confirm receipt of the Capuchadou and Le Chamois. Thank you for their swift and safe despatch.

The knives exhibit the level of artistry and artisanship for which your workshop is justifiably renown. Please convey my complements to the craftswomen and craftsmen.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Wright


Gilles, salut,

I have received it and want to express my admiration - it's a masterpiece! I wish you prosperity - which, I am sure, with this level of quality, will always be with you.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Lebed


Dear Gilles, 

I received my new knife stag shiny polished today. 

Let me thank you for a very very wonderful knife. I am extremly happy,  you made a wonderful filework and very fine special bee or fly on knife-back. Thank you very much. 

I have made a second order with you. Sport knife bruyere guilloché shiny. 

Wish you a great 2014 and always success. 

Many greetings and best wishes. 

Jörg Wieczorek


Bonjour mon ami,

Capuchadou received in good order.

Knife is looking great.


Perry Hagendoorn


Bonjour Gilles!

Today I received my Buffalo Bark “Capuchadou”.

I love it!!!

It is a work of art.

Thank you to you and your entire team of knife makers.

I will have this knife forever.

Thanks again 

Chef Corey

Minnesota, USA


Hi Giles,

The belier noir, highly chiseled, and initialed Capuchadou knife arrived, today. What a masterpiece it is. It is more than a knife.
It is a work of art. I cannot thank you enough for working with me on this item. Thanks for the very well made leather sheath.

I gave the other Capuchadou to my son who has the same
initials, needless to say , he is very happy with it.

I look forward to buying more knives from you.

Fred Havemeyer



I received my order last week and I must say that I am very pleased.  I usually do not give feedback on items that I purchase, but I feel that it is well deserved in this circumstance.  Every aspect of this knife boasts quality from the scales, to the file work, and even that "click" you hear when you open the knife.  I've already received many compliments from my coworkers and my friends these past of couple of days and I think you will definitely be seeing a couple of new customers from the states.  I was planning on purchasing two for my first order, but I decided to wait for just one and buy another depending on how much I liked your product… and it looks l'll be placing another orders shortly.  Thank you and well done.

Edward A.
Virginia Beach, VA


Hi Gilles

I just want to let you know that I have received my order. 
and it looks amazing !!!
just how I imagined. really nice job.

Thank you :) 



I just wanted to thank you and your team for making me this beautiful knife, and for having it delivered in time for my birthday, the 14th of July.

It is simply stunning to behold:)

Thanks again, and I wish you all a great summer!

Best Regards
Bjoernar Rendalsvik, Norway


Bonjour Gilles,

This message is to confirm receipt of the beautiful
Capuchadou knife! Its my 121st knive and a very welcome gain in my collection.

Kind regards from Holland,



Bonjour Gilles,

My order arrived yesterday. It is very beautiful and am sure my husband will love it!!
Merci Beaucoup!! Have a wonderful day!!

Diane Meyer


Gilles- I received the knife and it is beautiful! Thanks,

Michael Gee - PartnerPorteous, Hainkel & Johnson, LLP


Received my Knife yesterday and absolutely love it.  The craftsmanship is even better than I expected.  I look forward to many years of use and will absolutely recommend your company and knives to everyone I know.

Thank  you so much for your prompt service and amazing attention to details.



Bonjour Gilles

The knife is here. very very good. thank you very much.

Kind regards



Hello Beata,

Recieved the knife today. Such a wonderful piece of art. Thanks!

Best regards,

Peter Benson


Hi Gilles,

Actually it turns out my email was premature--the knife came just hours later! I appreciate your response nonetheless.

Anyway, I really love it. This knife is heirloom quality! I love the file work and how you did the initials in the back, I can't believe it was all done by hand... I will definitely be ordering again and recommending you to others!

Thanks again,



The knife I ordered arrived in good time for Christmas. My husband was delighted with it! Excellent craftsmanship, a beautiful knife. Will be ordering another one very soon

Barbara Yates


Bonjour Gilles,
arrived safe this morning, thank you.
As with my first order last year, I am extremely pleased with both the knife and the pouch.  The craftsmanship, design and materials are again superb and I shall take great pleasure in owning and using this knife.
Thank you once again.  Until my next order ....


Hello Gilles,

I own one off your great knifes for many years now. I use it every day for all kinds of things. So I use it the way it should be. I don't 'save' it but it is still in great shape!! A real high quality product I am still proud of to own, and love using it.  

Kind regards,

Ferry Verwijk.

The Netherlands


To Mr. Gilles,

Knife received. Love it. Thanks to you and your professional artisans for the superb workmanship.

Jon K. Oh


Dear Gilles,

I want to let you know that I received my knife just the other day, but I wanted to wait for a while to write this review so I could put into words the way I feel towards your company and the products I have purchased.  

Your Knives have surpassed the point of elegance, and in my opinion, truly are perfection.  These knives are not only the most stunning things I will ever place in my pocket, but they also
exhibit incredible utility!  When I first received your knives, I feared that they couldn't hold up to many of the tasks that I needed them for, but after having one in my pocket everyday for the past year, they have all surpassed my expectations.  And trust me, I put them through hell and not even one of them has developed blade play.  I find that a company like yours is very rare, in that the way you treat your customers is truly second to none.  Gilles, time after time, you, your company, and your
products surpass all of my expectations!

Thank you very much,

Sam Mc Cullough


Als Laguiole-Sammler bin ich sehr anspruchsvoll und verlange das Beste für mein Geld.
Nicht selten investiere ich bis zu 10 Stunden in einem Messer um die Mechanik einzufahren, die Seitenbacken oder die Klinge zu polieren oder Horn / Edelholz-Oberfläche auf höchste Gütestufe zu verbessern. Dabei werden alle Bearbeitungsfehler sichtbar.
Nicht so bei Fontenille Pateau aus Thiers und einigen wenigen anderen Hersteller aus der Gegend um Laguiole.
Hierr erhielt ich bisher nur allerfeinste Qualität. Das kann nur zustande kommen wenn alles stimmt, die Erfahrung der Mitarbeiter, ihre Motivation, die Zeitvorgaben, die Wartung und Pflege von Maschinenpark und Werkzeuge... und nicht die maximale Stückzahl mit minimalistischer Aufwand wie ich es  leider zu oft - auch von namhaften Hersteller - erfahren musste.

Nach zahlreichen Bestellugen und Kontakte mit Gilles Steinberg bin ich  zu der Überzeugung gekommen, dass er und ich die gleiche Liebe für Perfektion und Vollkommenheit teilen. Er ist sachkundig, innovativ, disponibel, flexibel, hifsbereit und zuverlässig.
Fontenille Pateaud ist daher zu einer meinem bevorzugten Quellen und einer tragenden Säule meiner umfangreichen Sammlung herangewachsen.

Mit Sicherheit war das nicht die letzte Bestellung.

Philippe Ledermann


Dear Gilles,

We received the ordered knife yesterday. What a great present to receive, what a beautiful knife!
Your service is of high quality, which will result in a new order soon!

Many thanks and wishing you a very nice day !

Kind regards,

Andrea & Joop


Bonjour Gilles,

Today I received my beautiful Capuchadou guilloche Buffalo Bark!

I was very pleased to see that my wishes about the knife were perfectly taken care off. Thank you for your wonderful craftmenship and the swift way the knife was manufactured and send to me.

I know I will treasure and enjoy the knife for the rest of my life.

Kind regards,

Freek Bierhoff


Bonjour Gilles,

i received the knife in perfect conditions, and it was what
i expected. Beautiful knifes with a touch of perfection, that i appreciate very
much. I gave it to my father as a gift and he loved it.

Because of that, i am thinking in other order, but this it is for me. I am just not sure in which kind of blade i should choose !

Best Regards

Hugo Outeiro



All I can say is that this knife leaves me speechless!  From the incredible figure of the olive wood, to the overall fit and finish of the blade, this knife truly is amazing.  The customer service of your company is second to none, and you have again gained yourself a very satisfied customer.

Thank you very much for your time, you have been a pleasure to do business with,

Samuel McCullough

PS : Gilles, one more thing.  Please pass on my gratitude to whomever put the edge on my blade, it is absolutely amazing !


I received my knife this week and it is beautiful. Superb Craftsmanship and design. Thank you for your attention to detail and fine quality product. 

Sincerely, David Gilmore Meridian MS


Dear Sir or Madam,

Just a short note to thank you for the outstanding knife you have made me. I am looking forward to using it with great pleasure for many years to come.

Please be so kind as to pass my compliments to the person who did the guilloché work. He or she did a splendid job.

With kind regards,

Jan Nieuwenhuysen

Den Haag, Pays Bas


Dear Gilles,

few days ago I received both ordered knifes. Wonderful pieces of craftsmanship. The finest haptics of knives ever had in my hands.

It is a pleasure to now own such masterpiece! Since the second knive will be a birthday gift to a friend of mine, I'm convinced he will become as well a fan of Le Capuchadou from Gilles.

Thank you very much,

Hans Poechmann-Austria



A few days ago I received my knife and it is such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship that I wanted to write and express my delight with it! The quality, the 'feel', the mechanism, the wonderful handle in Ram's horn; All of these together in one beautiful object.. what a pleasure to have discovered your website.

Many thanks to you,

Andrew Snelling


Dear Gilles,

just received my knive and I must say I am absolutely astonished by the marvellous quality and the craftmanship, it is absolutely top of the bill! I now have two Laguiole knives, one I bought in Holland, a Junniper burl with matt blade and bolsters and the new one: a guilloche model with bone handle and shiny blade and bolsters. The leather sheath is also of very high quality.

Thank you for your help with the delivery and your excellent service!

Best regards,

Kees de Roos, Holland


Dear Gilles,

As an avid knife collector, I continue to be impressed with the quality of your knives and your customer service. My latest acquisitions Corsican bone and Gentleman mother or pearl, received today.

I have near to twenty of your knives in my collection and they hold pride of place. They certainly exhibit, what I think, is the best looking action available. I remain your loyal customer.

Will be placing a new order next week.

Kind regards,

Stefan Schaerf
Melbourne, Australia 


Salute Gilles ,

The knive was delivered today . It is absolutely  awesome , thank you very much !!!

Kind regards ,


Holzbau  messebau - Mark Müllenmeister 


:) received it today, just perfect, the service and the knife, thanks a lot!

Bernhard Unger - Austria


Dear Gilles:

I wanted to write to let you (and visitors to your web site!) know how pleased I am with my new 10 cm Capuchadou folding knife.  I chose the "guilloche" model with buffalo bark horn handle and the RWL34 steel blade.  In a word, the knife is exquisite.  I own quite a few French and Japanese pocket knives, but this has instantly become my favorite. 

The hand detailing is beautifully done and I really like having my birthstone (amethyst) inset in the shamrock on the spring.  The RWL34 steel shimmers like mercury - and it takes just a few strokes on a leather strop to keep a nice sharp edge. 

Now I have my eye on a 12 cm guilloche in juniper, but for that I will save my pennies until I'm ready to buy the Damascus twist steel!

I also have to say a word about the shopping experience.  You have been incredibly kind and responsive to inquiries and the delivery was faster than fast.  All told, this has been a very pleasurable purchase.  I'll be back for more!  Thank you.

David M. Jacobi



I am pleased to tell you that my order was delivered today.

It is beautiful - the mirror polished steel and the Juniper wood complement each other perfectly.  It is clear as soon as you take the knife out of the box that it is of the highest quality. The spring tension is perfect and the blade centring is precise. I love the guillochage on the spring and the way the handle fits your hand.

I am a very happy customer.

Kind regards

Jim Murray


There is something unique about these knives. Timeless elegance, handcrafted beauty, precision, durability; they have all of that, but more. Perhaps its the way the design blends the confident security of the past with a dashing streak of the now.

I have mine beside me while I work (at home) just as my dog lies at my feet. I look forward to its use, in fact I find things for it to do just because I want to. Sometimes I open and close it just to feel and hear the reassurance given by that well engineered click. They are expensive but then all the most enjoyable indulgences are.

Jerry UK


Dear Gilles,

today the knife arrived and i have to say that i am really stoked about the great workmanship. Your knife is a piece of high qualitiy artisanry. I am very happy with it, thank you for everything!

Best regards from Germany,



hi there just received  my knife , and what a great knife you have made, the detail is fantastic ,thanks again for such a great service.

Gary Roberts, UK


My knife came yesterday and I must say that the pictures on your website really don't does these knives justice. The juniper handler is beautiful, you could actually smell it when I opened the package. The engraving on is is crisp and sharp, and the writing is perfectly legible. There is no play or gaps anywhere. I'll be ordering at least two more for my father and son very soon.

Sincerely, N. Barfield

Georgia, United States Sent from my iPhone


Dear Ms. Beata Steinberg,
I would like to confirm that the knife had arrived today. Thank you very much for the great service! I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the knife and the craftsmanship of your knifemakers. It is getting more and more difficult to find such fine and quality products as your knifes. Keep up the great job.
With best regards from Canada,
Mac Dziewulski


The Laguiole Pocket arrived yesterday and all I can say it exceeds my expectations 300%! The file work is amazing, the finishing, and how it feels in the hand! Excellent!
Thank you,
Razvan Scanteianu


Bonjour Gilles

The order arrived today.What a surprise! Both the cheese knife with olive wood bolster and the Yssingeax cow bone pocket knife have exceeded my expectations.  Each knife is beautifully crafted and should be a credit to your companies skill and dedication.  I look forward to a lifetime of use.
Tim Wirth
Sydney, Australia


Bonjour Gilles

We have just received the parcel, thank you for the quick service.Have opened the box, c'est manifique!

We're very pleased with our Christmas present.

Merry christmas and happy new year,

Lucy and Neil



Dear Mr. Steinberg:

I have taken delivery this date of my new “La Capuchadou-Guilloche.”  It arrived in perfect condition and in half the time I expected it would take.  For all of that, I thank you.  And I wish to congratulate you and your incomparable team of craftsmen for the beautiful knife with the ram horn handle.  I am very happy with it and I am certain my son will be, too.  Merci beaucoup.

Best wishes and Happy Solstice!

Russell Metz


Bonjour, I have received my knives, and I am very pleased. They are wonderfully made, and should make my father, and my father in law, thrilled when they get them at Christmas.  I'll be back soon to have one or more made for myself!

Regards..........Todd Shireman

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