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The Workshop

Proudly handmade in France since 1929

Fontenille-Pataud was founded in 1929. It quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high-end table knives. They were admired and revered for their expertise and use of ivory, horn and other fine wood. As a testimony to their craft, some of these knives are permanently on display at the French knife museum in Thiers, France.

Online sales since 1999

Our choice is quality over quantity. Our French regional knives from the Corsican to the folding Laguiole are embraced for their function as well as their form. Collector knives are an extraordinary addition for the most discerning owner. Damascus steel joins with ivory handles, tied with sterling silver wire and held by beautiful bolsters to create a true work of art.

A past rich with tradition, a future defined by quality

We mixe high tech and tradtional handcrafting methods, from typical design, we perform french typical knives: lock-back system, stainkess damascus steel, mammoth ivory...

We want -and are- proud of the knives we sell. We offer a wide range of product offerings.

We are proud to manufacture sustainable products in France that are handed down from generation to generation.

Our workshop is located in Thiers, french Capital of cutley

Chaîne des puys
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The team

Notre équipe de couteliers
Yann Delarboulas
Cécile Dissay
Production manager
Jean-Paul Marques
Quality control
Clara Matussière
Pauline Sannajust
Knife maker school degree
Pierre-Clément Lachaux
Sylvain Auchère
Alexis Thuïa
Jason Barjon
Maxime Beldent
Dimitri Deat
Knife maker apprentice
Louwan Wolfs
Adrien Wanner
Ana Vidal
Ewen Maillard

Web Communication
Léa Urbaniak

Visit us to select your Fontenille Pataud knife directly, come in our dedicated Fontenille Pataud stores.

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Take avantage of free shipping on our Capuchadou® knives range.

Lifetime Guarentee

The quality of our manufacturing enables us to give you a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.


We shipped our knives worldwide since 1999.

100% Handmade in France

Fontenille Pataud was founded in 1929 and quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high-end knives.