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What is RWL34 steel?

RWL34, a steel made by powder metallurgy

RWL34 is a steel manufactured by Damasteel®, a Swedish company that masters the principle of powder metallurgy to perfection. This very particular technique consists in making steel by sintering, contrary to the traditional fusion technique. 

Sintering consists in heating a powder until it melts in order to make an alloy of different steels.

This technique makes it possible to obtain very technical steels: better mechanical resistance, easier to machine, high stability...

A blade in RWL34, what is the advantage for my knife?

RWL34 steel, in addition to being a stainless steel, has the great advantage of offering a superior hardness after quenching and tempering: 60 Hrc. The cutting edge of a blade made of RWL34 steel will therefore be effective much longer and will require less frequent sharpening.

On top of that, RWL34's stainless steel performance is very good and far superior to many stainless steels.

So if you use your knife frequently, for example every day to eat, the RWL34 will prove to be the perfect steel for your use.

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